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Option #1

$ 0.50 Per Slot / Mo

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 4096MB RAM
  • TCadmin Included
  • MySql Available
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High-End Servers

High-End Servers

We run our servers clocked at 3.75 GHz on Intel Xeon Processors (E5-1650-v3), with 128 GB's of ram clocked at 2133 mhz


We never oversell our server's, and never plan on overselling our server's, Email is always available for tickets should any occur or you can always ask on livechat!


We strongly believe in support and quality of service over $$$,
Believe somethings wrong? Let Us Know

Unattainable Pricing

At fair prices

Our pricing is determined on how much our dedicated server cost in that location, (Pennsylvania and Europe are different locations so pricing will be a tad different)

Without paying more

Don't pay for services at a more expensive rate, get it cheaper here and we'll help you through the way.

Do not think twice

About joining FoxGaming, We will help you through the way, Setting up your server, downloading your mods for you.
From then on should anything pop up let us know!